Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Can't Knock the Hustle": The Reunion (Part 1)

Over the last few months I have been on a personal journey. The process from walking off a campus a Graduate into what people call the "real world" has been a tough and humbling one. A lot of unexpected ventures, but nonetheless a rewarding process. There has been a lot of personal reflection, and through my time preparing for my GRE and getting back on track I have come across some inspiring and talented individuals. For those who don't know, I started a series highlighting the young talent I have come across. It has been my most successful series and after a few months, their journeys have sky rocketed with new moves, literally, and the exploration of new ideas and concepts. This week I am highlighting 3 of the 5 individuals I have introduced as part of the "Can I Live?" familia. Tanya is currently busy with her project, and Denise is getting ready to graduate in a couple weeks, so I will do a Part 2 once they have some free time to get back to me. I am happy for both of them, as I am with the rest of the familia because hard work does pay off. A stupid idea is only stupid if you don't work hard to make it happen. I am not saying these people have stupid ideas, but they are definitely not for the weak hearted, and they embody the "Can I Live?" essence in their work and I am happy to share their movements!

Issa Mase

I met Issa back in college, which seems like a memory that didn't really happen (yet again, that can describe some of the shenanigans we both were involved senior year), but we have kept in touch since graduation. Since his blog feature a few months ago he has been up to some new ventures both professionally and geographically. Check out the short reunion interview I did with Issa a couple weeks ago. Wish the best for my dude Issa, and best believe Can I Live? will join the "Twisted" debauchery in Chi Town soon enough! And when it does, may God help us all...

Here is the link to his popular social media links to stay updated on his #twisted journey:

Anna Canfield

What can I say about Anna!? She is like that snake in the grass (but I I say that with nothing but love and respect) You know she is out there, but she is elusive and you never have ever seen her, and when she strikes it is with vengeance and a purpose. I say this, because I have never really met her actually in person. I found out she was in NY a week ago and I was sad I missed out on the festivities. But soon enough we will cross paths and when we out!! Anyway, Anna has had some exciting news over the past few weeks, and that is from stuff she has released to the public. Excited for everybody to hear about the stuff she is working on behind the scenes. I apologize to Anna because we did this interview before her big gallery show a couple weeks ago, so I wasn't able to help promote her show. But from the pictures and news release I heard it was a major hit!! (And if you look closely below, "Can I Live?'s first art piece made the cut! Thanks Anna!)  Read up on her journey and the cool things going on in her life!

Anna is really active on Instagram as she mentioned in her interview, so make sure you follow her to see all of her latest work!

Neyson Cruz

Me and Neyson go way back to the playground days. The crazy thing was we didn't keep in touch, until I began my blog and found him busy with his clothing line. Starting with hats to adult clothing, Neyson has officially taken his step into the fashion world. When we first did the blog feature he told me a lot of things I couldn't share to the public due to privacy issues, but I was really excited what he was coming up with. But finally, a few months later and YoungFame is official. He has taken LA by storm and soon enough the rest of the country will take notice of his work. Check out the interview I did with Neyson about how quickly his journey has climbed!

To see screen shots of his up and coming commercial and latest design concepts, check out and make sure to follow Neyson's social media sites:

Instagram: youngfamela
online store: Youthful Fortune

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