Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The "TAKEOVER" Project

The word "TAKEOVER" has been an understatement in this whole process. To think I started this whole journey in my small room in New York 7 months ago, but 9,300 views later and officially back in Los Angeles, "Can I Live?" is ready to take the next step. With an audience that includes over 100 countries worldwide, I am excited to see how the rest of the world embodies the movement I've rejuvenated and pushed over half a year. Inspired by Arteria, a t-shirt company in Costa Rica, I have decided to take their concept and combine it with mine.

The "TAKEOVER" Project:
Everybody has their own perception of what "Can I Live?" means. To me I see it as the sophisticated version of what Y.O.L.O. became. Y.O.L.O. grew into an excuse/explanation for people to do anything and everything. As for me it was overplayed because I think lost its true meaning and became dull, such as when radio stations play the same 3 songs over and over. "I rather die enormous, than live dormant" sums up what "Can I Live?" and is the core of what I want people to get from this blog. If you have passion and a crazy work ethic than you most likely will accomplish your goals. As far as comparing it to Drake's motto, Jay coined the phrase describing his time on the streets, doing what was necessary in order to survive. Of course 99% of us live that lifestyle, but it shouldn't take away the importance of the central message. "Can I Live?" is a response to the negative people in our lives. The best way to shut up people is by doing you and going after what you want, than showing the results rather than talking. Remember, talk is cheap! I know I am not the only one experiencing this out in the world, and with the awesome support I have received I know people have their own "Can I Live?" moments. Just because I am at the front of this movement, it doesn't mean I can't be inspired by others, I am sure I am not the only one Jay had an impact on. So like Arteria, I am creating a photo submission project where people can capture their "Can I Live?" moments and share it with the world! 

There is only one rule: Within the photo, the phrase "Can I Live?" has to be captured. It can be small or big, it doesn't matter it just has to be somewhere. 

Submit all photos to my email with the subject reading "TAKEOVER" and I'll post up your photo on my blog. In the email list your "name", "where" you are from and "where" the photo is taken. I will be posting the info with the photo, but if you are uncomfortable with that, you can indicate that you rather be anonymous. Being such a free for all and creative project, I will be giving away 1st Edition "Can I Live?" memorabilia to my favorite submissions. There is no consequences in submitting anonymous since I will have your original email to contact you if you are a winner. Every week or so I will choose my favorite photo and send you a gift package that includes a "Can I Live?" wristband, stickers and a "Thank You" note for your submission. You can submit as many photos at one time and submit more than once. And for you over achievers out there in the world, you can submit videos too, creating a whole different animal with the possibilities people can submit. Remember, there is just one rule! 

To launch this project I will be giving away a gift package to the first 50 people who submit a photo!! 

[The giveaways include free shipping so don't worry about getting your prizes if you win! Also, I will be launching a website where you guys can purchase stickers and wristbands to rock out. The money will go in restocking on items and investing in bigger and better items. Stay tuned for the release of bigger and better items, and the giveaway of 1 of kind items I am working on as we speak!] 

If you are still confused or are not sure, check out the few examples people have submitted sent me already through just text messages and Facebook. I already have given away a few things to close friends, and you can see what they have done using the stickers. Again, there is only one rule so everything goes. Like YOLO, #CanILive? can describe the partying and going out with friends, but the difference between both phrases is that it goes much deeper  than that. There is the essence of survival and doing what is necessary to reach success! As you see below, some people have been creative in creating imagery and metaphors in their photo submissions! For my International followers I would love to get some photos with iconic landmarks and views!! [As a disclaimer, I am not responsible for or encourage the defacing or damaging of property. Every person knows the risk of taking such actions] That being said, go wild and show me what you guys got. I am not going to stop you! 

Submission: Lauren P. (New Orleans, LA; Beyonce posing during her Super Bowl rehearsal)
Submission: Anonymous (Los Angeles)
Submission: Christal V. (dope metaphor with the mermaid. Framed using a shadow box)
Submission: Rafael L. (A day at the Getty Museum escaping life by enjoying art and nature)
Submission: Anonymous (Santa Monica; paddle boarders off in the distance. Love the imagery in this one!)
Submission: Rafael L./Neyson C. (creating "Can I Live?'s" first clothing piece)
Submission: Anna C. ("Can I Live?'s" first official art piece by Ubiq Designs)
Submission: Neyson C. (screen shot of an instagram account)

Submission: anonymous (got to love the dialogue in this photo!)
Submission: anonymous (Waco, TX; the tower lights green at Baylor University when their  sport teams win)

On a side note, big shout out to a dude I met on the bus when I was going to work yesterday. I was just minding my own business listening to my music when the guy sitting next to me pointed to my #CanILive? wristbands. He told me that they were dope and that he liked them a lot. He asked where to get them, and I kinda was shocked because it was the first time a stranger appreciated and wanted to know where to get one. I told him they are mine, and I made them for my blog. I asked if he wanted one and he said definitely. I didn't get his name, but I told him to check out my blog today and I hope he is reading this. Send me a photo of the wristband, love to put it up on the blog! 

I am excited because I think this is a sign of good things coming!! In the words if Jay "Show me what you got....!" and start submitting.

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