Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

I know Father's Day was on Sunday, but just like Mother's Day, they are artificial "Holiday's" to me. We get caught up in this country about only celebrating certain things, and people because the calendar reminds us about those days. I am doing this post this "late" for 2 reasons: 1) I hate doing things because somebody or something tells me I have to do it on a certain day. (And I am not talking about like your duties at work or school, I am taking about artificial things like Holidays) 2) I was too busy with my dad and family celebrating what a lot of people were gathering for on Sunday.

Let me tell you about my dad:

He stands at 5'8'' even though he says he is 5'9'', and if you question or tease his height he says check his Driver's License. He calls himself and is known on the streets as "Indio", and if you haven't figured out why, take a closer look at the picture. He is dark, with long black hair (including a few white hairs even though he is in denial), and wears a ring that has the face of a Native American Chief. He has a few teeth missing, but it never discourages him to laugh and crack jokes constantly. He hasn't been to the Doctor for years, and I mean years, if ever at all, even though he has so many things wrong with his body. He just chugs along and works hard. Already over half the Century mark, he is an Independent Mechanic for FedEx. He gets home at 1:30 a.m. and wakes up at 6:30 a.m. to make his so-called famous smoothies, and starts "fixing" things even though most of the time he makes it worse. I have never meet anyone in their life fall asleep so fast, but I guess I can cut him some slack because how hard he works. My mom jokes how sometimes she has to go check if he is still breathing and alive, because he literally goes into a deep coma-like sleep. He is 1 of 11 kids, and he never graduated High School or Middle School; and to be honest I am not a 100% sure he graduated Elementary School, but it doesn't take away from the knowledge he has obtained, both as a Professional and a Father. 

Back in my Middle School days into High School, our family had some serious struggles. My dad had to work like crazy; to the point where I wouldn't see him for days. He never came to all my football games or Award Ceremonies, but I never judged him for it. A lot of people use to ask me if I had a dad because they would never see him. I never took offense to those questions, but I wish my dad could've come to all my games, but life is never planned the way you want it too.

My dad has made a fair share of his mistakes, but who hasn't? My best memories are going to work with my dad every summer at his old Mechanic shop when I was in Elementary School, and him letting me drive the Fork Lift all over the place. We use to hop into his massive service truck and drive all over L.A. fixing cars, treating me to lunch and giving me some money every week. Taking a step back, I have to credit "Can I Live?" to my Mom and my Dad. He came from Mexico when he was 17/18 fixing airplane engines. When I was born he had to get a second job to support us. When he opened up his Shop, his brothers followed in his footsteps and came to the U.S. to work for him. The last time I went to his small town in Mexico (Sombrerete, Zacatecas) I was 4/5 years old, but I still remember it like yesterday. The house that his dad currently lives in was built by him, his brothers and with some helpers something like 40 years ago.

He really did come from the bottom-a long way and place-most people haven't seen, because to be honest, there is nothing to really go see.  My dad has made me a believer that you really can make a better life for yourself. I have a weird relationship with my dad, we don't go hangout and do things together, but we love eating and talking about life, sports and just anything that pops up. I love my dad and though he has not always physically been at my games and other events, I know he is one of my biggest fans.

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