Sunday, June 9, 2013

#TheTakeover II

I hope everybody has had a good start to their June! Can't believe we are already half way through the year. How many of you are still on your New Year's Resolution?! I won't judge, can't say I have fully stayed true to mine, yet again, not sure if I had one! Anyway I am back with another installment of my #Takeover Project for my blog. Can't thank enough to everybody who has been involved and supported me through this. I am really excited as I am going to be celebrating my 1 Year Anniversary for "Can I Live?" I am currently in the works of some awesome art campaigns for my movement, so make sure to follow me on InstagramTwitterTumblrFacebook as well as my blog to get all the latest updates and next big thing for my movement!

Below are the images sent in by people that have been participating with the Project. It has been awesome getting submissions from random places around the country. If you are still unaware what this project is, click on the link below to see the entry in which I released this awesome interactive feature for my fans and followers!

My boy Neyson, CEO and Founder of Young Fame, always supporting the movement! Stay tuned for an up in coming collaboration with "Can I Live?" and Young Fame!

NYC, you were so good to me, best believe I will be back because only this is just the beginning!

Cant have said any better myself! People are to preoccupied with others, when they should just be focusing on themselves. Always strive to be the best you, and only you!

Austin, have officially been "TakenOver" (University of Texas)

Major shout out to @ThePhatStartup for showing love!! Thanks to my boy Nick for linking me up with them! Make sure you also check out my boy's work with a revolutionizing App called @Sportflowapp

Dope photo! 

R.I.P. to all who lost their lives on 9/11. I know its been a few years, but if you live in NY or have been there, it is still  something that is remembered throughout the City everyday. Lets remember and honor our loved ones by "Living" life everyday to the fullest and making them proud!

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