Thursday, August 23, 2012

Architecture Portfolio Samples

It has been a couple months since I graduated college and I am still on the hunt to enter Corporate America. I was fortunate to have a summer internship, so I am happy I have been busy. But the anxiety is definitely starting to hit as I wait to hear back from a couple opportunities. That being said, I have had time to work on my portfolio, which if you do not know is just as an important or more important than a resume for architects. It shows possible employers our design process and skill sets we have obtained. A lot of people ask about my work, so I decided to upload some sample work from my studio classes at Columbia. As you scroll through below you can see a lot of my work is done by hand, which is not as common anymore in the architecture realm. Architecture has fully adopted computer software to produce plans and renderings for projects. There is a lot more you can do with software so it makes sense, but it is sad that work done by hand has become a lost art. I am still learning and playing around with various softwares to improve my portfolio and enhance my skill sets, but for now I hope you guys enjoy the samples below. (the models are made out of chip board and bass wood, and some of the plans are produced by hand on vellum paper)
Portfolio Samples

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