Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome to Arysamerica!

Let me introduce you to Ary Nunez: I first met her a couple years ago on video set and my first impression was that she packed a punch! She is expressive, humble and full of energy; you can feel the positive vibes and enthusiasm when talking to her. And this is the type of attitude she brings to the table at everything she does. Whether it is working out, leading one of her "Ninja" training sessions, posing for Nike or the NFL, or training one of her celebrity clients, she does not give less than 100%. She is currently located in New York, so I have been able to hangout with her while I have been in the city. She even came to my Graduation (even though it was pouring), which exemplifies her support and appreciation for people she believes in. So I decided to introduce her as a person and her healthy and fitness movement: Arysamerica! She is the founder of Gotham Global Fitness and runs an assortment of training classes throughout the city. She has a strong martial-arts background which includes 3 black belts and has practice/knowledge of 7 others. Her long impressive resume includes being a professional dancer and being a lifestyle coach. She is a great motivator and teaches a healthy balance lifestyle through training and dietary tips. She currently also works at Venia East studio where she promotes "Where modern day Ninjas are born." She is in the midst of a Ninja Fit Club, which is a 6-week program that consist of workouts inspired by traditional conditioning, martial arts and dance.

Below is the link with information about the classes and how to attend:
Ary Nunez'S Ninja Fit Club

She has been a lead spokeswomen for Nike and has done various video shoots, modeling ads like the image above and promoting the latest Nike technology.

Her current big project is working with the NFL and promoting the sport and fitness to its female audience. Above is an image from her recent photo shoot that advertises other women from their respective industries such as Serena Williams and Condoleezza Rice. (Ary is at the top right corner promoting her New York Giants) You can read more about this project below:
"It's My Team"

I am happy I have crossed paths with Ary and I am proud of what she has accomplished and what she will accomplish in the near future. She is an incredible role model for women, the latino community and for a healthy life style. Below are links to her various media profile such as Facebook, Twitter and her Blog which includes weekly updates by her boyfriend Jon Paul Allyn. Make sure to check out his blog posts as well; some pretty witty and knowledgable insight on things going on in the sports world!

Facebook: Arysamerica
Follow her on Twitter
Ary's Blog

I have met with Ary and Jon Paul Allyn a couple times before I left, and there is some exciting news in the works. Stay tuned for updates. I am really excited about what the futures holds for both sides. I am also working on an interview with Jon Paul and I will post that up once it is edited and completed!

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