Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arch+Details: Doors

In my second installment of my Arch+Details series I am focusing on doors. We cross into door ways on a daily basis but do you ever stop and analyze the door you opened? Doors are usually one of the last details in a project design, but they are definitely something not overlooked. Especially front doors, because it is the "gate" into the architectural layout of the structure. Along with the front facade, the door acts as a book cover, and sets the tone of the spaces you are about to inhabit. Though it is a last minute detail in the overall design it is one of the most used aspects in architecture. Like staircases, doors come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some slide open, swing open or rotate open; and a variety of materials are used to create these entryways. Check out the cool examples I have found over the past week.















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