Monday, September 10, 2012

Can't Knock the Hustle: Issa Mase

As my journey as a blogger continues I realize I hate that title. Because I don't want to be a recognized or remembered as a person posting up gossip or media trash (no offense to those blogs), but rather pushing a movement; a movement against the norm not to be famous, but rather to inspire and grow. And thats the direction I want to steer "Can I Live?" into, and one way to do is to interact with other people pushing this movement or being a representation of it. So I started a series called "Can't Knock the Hustle." Whether it is Jay the drug dealer or Jay the CEO, his mindset and approach to common things was different, unique and genius. (And if you don't think so, just look at all the success he has and where he started). Now I am not saying I am trying too to be like him (I mean there is only one Jay), but it doesn't mean that my mindset is not parallel to his to become successful in my own right. So let me introduce you to Issa Mase; one of leaders of the movement with also a parallel and unique mindset.

I met Issa during my time at Columbia, and really became good friends during our final year at school. From the get go I can tell he had a "I don't give a fuck" mentality but not in a bad way. It actually was probably one of his most positive characteristics because in today's world if you are too concerned trying to please everybody than you won't be successful. Coincidentally we both started our blogs around the same time, so we both have been observing each others progress and sharing ideas. Yes, we went to Columbia, but for us it really wasn't about the grades. (Not going to lie, definitely regret some academic decisions as far as not getting better grades) but I didn't let that define who I was and the same went for Issa. I learned more through football, my fraternity and talking to people outside the classroom. People always ask me what do you think defines an Ivy League education, and I tell them, other than the $260,000 4 year cost, there is an abundance of new ideas and innovative concepts being shared. And once in a while you find people like Issa and that's why I am giving him the 1st spotlight in my new series: "Can't Knock the Hustle."

Issa is involved in a few projects, but what initially caught my attention was his blog, which is one of the dopiest things I have seen. When I encounter projects like this I always wonder what is the inspiration and thought process behind such a concept. Luckily I know Issa personally, so I messaged him asking if we can do an interview. Below is a PDF of a few questions I asked him, and also a link to his blog. Definitely follow this guy because big things are happening, and I am excited about the possibilities of where "Can I Live?" and "Allofourtwist" will take me and Issa, but most importantly where they will take the movement!


  1. yeah, anybody can view my blog and comment! Send me your info so we can set up your "can't knock the hustle" feature!!