Friday, December 14, 2012


Everyday we wake up with an agenda in our minds on what we plan to accomplish. Everyday we wake up eat breakfast and get ready for our day. Everyday we look forward to what the day has in store for us, and everyday we have hope and faith that we are destined for something great. This morning, along with the rest of the country, I was shocked and heart broken to hear about what happened in Connecticut. A gunman walked into an elementary school and reportedly killed 28 people, 20 of them being children. The other victims were school staff including the gunman's mom, who was a teacher at her school and in a middle of a class lesson when her son walked in and opened fire. It is sad that 27 people will never feel those emotions listed above again, especially the innocent children who lost their lives.

Personally I am pretty good in covering my emotions, but this morning I set aside my pride and had no shame in showing how I felt about this. Disgusted. Pissed off. Fucking frustrated. Scared. Shocked. Even as I am writing this I have that knot in my stomach and chills down my spine as I try to comprehend why someone would do this. I mean, what did those kids and the other individuals do to deserve this. They were doing the right thing; the adults came to work like any other day preparing their lessons for their students, and the kids came to class to learn because their parents emphasized the importance of an education and the benefit of receiving one. But for many if not all parents across the country, they are now horrified dropping off their children at school, and that is something they should never have to feel!! Schools should be one of the safest environments we provide for our children and it is disturbing that they have been the preferred choice for psychotic individuals to unleash hell. After I read this I texted my brother telling him I love him and that I am excited to see him grow up and be successful. I told him to always keep faith and work hard, because as horrible as this was, somehow someway we must keep hope that there is good in this world and that our brothers, sisters and children are destined to do great things. Of course we are scared for what can happen next, but I believe it is important that we remind our kids why they go to school. At the same time it is scary that the school my brother goes doesn't have fences,  allowing anybody to walk on campus and unleash hell.

It is sad to read Facebook statuses and tweets about people being scared bringing kids into this world because they fear that their child might have the same fate as of those who lost their lives this morning. I now fully understand why some kids get home schooled and why some schools have metal detectors. I am definitely relieved that today was my brothers last day of school for the Fall semester, but it is also sad I have to feel that way because schools should be a safe haven for our kids. Reality has shown us that there are evil people in this world, but we must have hope and have faith that the world isn't evil. Text your brother, sister or kids today making sure they are ok and telling them you love them. No parent should ever have to bury their child, and all my prayers go to everybody that lost somebody today, everybody that was affected by it, but I am also praying for our humanity because without it we are merely nothing more than soulless uncivilized vicious animals. Like I said, it is a unbelievably heart wrenching that these kids will never be able to Live their lives and chase after their dreams of being a firefighter or a singer. Let this remind us that life is too short to linger on and complain about small stupid stuff. For me it is has made me more grateful for accomplishing what I have been able to so far and having a family that loves me. But its has also opened my eyes that the name of my blog carries more than just the message of chasing after our dreams despite adversity, but being blessed to wake up everyday to physically see a new day and have the opportunity to chase those dreams.

Below is the article released by the New York Times about the shooting and a video released by CNN of President Obama addressing the nation, in which The President fought hard to hold back tears. Again, lets have all the families who were affected today in our prayers, and that they lives today are resting in peace and in a better place!

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