Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Arch+Details: Roofs

I am glad to be back with another installment of my Architecture series: Arch+Details. A lot of people have been asking me when the next entry would be released and.......BOOM!! It is here!! This time I am focusing on roofs. I guess it is safe to say that this feature of the structure is the icing on the cake; but as we all know, not all icing is good, and too much icing is not a good thing. Luckily most structures are capped really well, and leave a lasting impression. From my research and education throughout the years I really feel like the roof has, and is the one feature that has dramatically changed over the years; Both in material and function, roof design has become more sophisticated and more creative than ever.

Being from Los Angeles and going to school in New York I really saw the craze and fascination of roofs. In the present they have gone from a protective structural feature to a luxurious and social status where the wealthy, relevant and popular people escape to from the rest of reality. They skylines of both cities include dozens of high end bars, clubs, lounges etc. at the top of the most expensive and prestigious buildings. Not to say I am wealthy and popular, but I have been to a couple, and they really are fun and an awesome opportunity to overlook the city, (and for me personally) enjoy the architecture that defines the city. But most roofs don't offer high end clubs, but rather something economical and environmentally friendly: gardens. In New York especially, gardens are sprouting all over building tops because there is no room on the ground to have them. It is both aesthetically pleasing, and compliments the steel and glass, but it helps the environment and helps save a few bucks reducing energy costs. These I enjoy because if you have ever been in the Concrete Jungle, it is nice to escape to an Oasis not named Central Park. (And for you non-New Yorkers', Central Park is not the only park in the city, even though it feels that way.)

Anyway, check out the examples below! From traditional high pitched roofs to roof-top gardens and so on, this architectural feature has changed dramatically. Still providing the basic and essential function of protecting the inside from the elements, roofs have been stretched in their functionality to maximize its potential. Whether it is for a luxurious purpose, or environmental one, roofs really do bring the house to life. Below you will see a variety of materials and design concepts. Again, let your imagination run wild! What roof would you like to cap your house? Just like your imagination, Architecture is endless, and trust me, you can use almost any material to build, including tires!! Which roof below do you think is made from recycled tires?! ENJOY!!














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  1. Rafael, I liked the pictures. Let's talk. Architecture isn't always endless or limitless. And I don't know if our minds are necessarily without boundaries as well. But this is a good thing or perhaps a necessary thing. Need to talk with you about my observations in folk dances and the 2 legs that we use to dance. At its core Architecture is taking care of our necessities. I especially liked the picture of the rooftop stadium seating.