Friday, May 17, 2013

Perception; Interpretation: The Nolli (Our Life) Plan

My blog covers a lot of topics in various areas. Music, politics, sexuality, sports, architecture etc, but even though I talk about anything and everything, there is a purpose, or what I like to say: "there is a method behind the madness." "Can I Live?" has morphed and transformed over and over again, but that is okay, because that is where I wanted it to be. Perception and Interpretation is what my movement is all about. The fact that we all posses the ability to doing something great, and leave a legacy behind is incredible. Everytime I am on the bus or out and about, I really do wonder about peoples' story. What is their mission? Purpose? How do they view themselves? Both on an individual and whole level.

When designing the structure of my blog I didn't know what direction to go on. Your impression and reputation are 2 of the biggest things I believe people should always have right, because at the end of the day we don't have our resumes stapled to our foreheads. I wanted to do something architecturally related because that is a big part of me. So I wanted MY blog to reflect ME and give a lasting impression. Long story short, I gravitated to "The Nolli Plan."

In short, Giambattista Nolli created "The Nolli Plan" when Pope Benedict XIV commissioned him to do the project to help him create the demarcations of Rome's 14 districts. Nolli used a similar format as surveyor Bufalini did in his 1551 map. The major differences though are the position in which the city is oriented (East) and how he interpreted open spaces.

You might think I'm talking out of my ass, but there is a deep connection on how we live our lives. 2 men took the same thing, and produced 2 different outcomes. They interpreted Rome in a different manner, but they both produced long living images. What image do you want to leave behind? For example, why did Nolli choose black and white for his map. Do the white spaces represent positive spaces? Do the black spaces represent negative spaces? Are the black spaces open, or closed? Or does black mean positive and open, and white mean negative and closed? Don't get all tied up trying to figure it out, because the best and only answer is that there isn't one. Just like there is not a specific way to live life, this plan does not really have a specific way to read. Take it for what it is and run with it.

I have had a lot of people message me and tell me they love the look of my blog, but are confused on what it is, and it is really amusing that I've had my blog for 10 months and I have never described the image. But now you have an idea. That is why my background uses the image above, because it is just a simple and effective message of how I live my life and view the world. And through this journey I just want to inspire everybody, especially the younger generations because soon enough we will be the latest CEO's, professional athletes, political leaders etc of the world. So how will you design Your (nolli) Plan? What does your "nolli" plan look like so far?

"Can I Live?" in short is a hustle, mind-set, attitude and belief that our interpretation and perception of life is unique, and so should be our journeys. Stop trying to live somebody else's life, because you will miss out on your own, and stop worrying about everybody else and what they are doing, because soon enough you'll lose sight about caring about one of the most important things in life: yourself! 

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