Friday, May 24, 2013

#TheTakover I

Hey guys! Excited to release my first official post of my "Project Takeover" since I released it last month. I have been getting some awesome submissions from all over the place. From Minneapolis, Austin and even Barbados!! Keep your submissions coming, remember, email them to to see them uploaded on my blog and to get your complimentary 1st Edition "Can I Live?" memorabilia. Also, make sure you follow me on Instagram to stay updated on all the things going on with my movement (can_i_live_12). This project is mostly for outside people sending me photos, but my account includes my personal photos involving #ProjectTakeOver.

If this is the first time you have heard about the project, I posted the link below to the original and official post when I released it last month!

The image was sent to me initially from Baylor University when I released the project. I didn't know, but it is very common for students on campus to use chalk as a way to promote student events etc. I liked the photo because it highlights the student-athletes on campus by lighting their tower green when the school's teams win during the week. It is tough being a student-athlete and there is defitinitely still a tension out there across the country between the regular student body and the athletes. No one really appreciates the life-style unless you lived it, or have close friends who do it.

A week a later, the student who wrote "Can I Live?" went back to see if it was still up there, and he was blown away by the response. I was, because it showed me that everybody has an interpretation of the phrase and what it means to them! As you can, the way was covered by many responses. Some of them were comical like "for the puppies," other were more serious by incorporating religion, and others saw it as a cry for help by showing much love and support on the wall. 

I usually don't comment on photo submissions at length but This one still blows me away, and it shows me we all can relate in someway! I am excited to release my newest project, because it will definitely demand attention!

Major shout out to the fam out in Barbados! My boy Tj and Rorrey living it up in paradise. Get ready, the Reunion coming soon!

Shout out to my boy Neyson linking me to his friend Norma! "Can I Live?" has been taking over IG! 

Summer is around the corner, and for those of you lucky enough to live by a beach definitely enjoy it!! (Santa Monica)

Oh snap! Yup, we mobile now too!! "Can I Live?" riding dirty in Austin, TX! (On a side note, I need bigger stickers!! lol)

Congrats to everybody who graduated the year! It is only the beginning and there is still a lot of hard work to be done before you can just lay back and chill. I know all students can relate to this one. Being stuck in a library studying all night! lol

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