Friday, September 21, 2012

Arch+Details: Swimming Pools

I am back with my 4th installment of my Arch+Details series, and this time I am focusing on swimming pools. Now swimming pools are not a necessity in architecture such as walls, windows, doors etc but it is a nice design piece that can make a home complete. It was weird that the only pools I came across in New York were public pools or in hotels. Unless you make your way out to the Hamptons or further away from Manhattan, you won't really come across a pool. In Los Angeles it feels like pools are as much as an architectural necessity as walls and windows. It seems like every other house has pools and most apartments also contain one. Like Sports Architecture, architects don't just focus on the structure itself but rather the whole picture. That includes the front yard and backyard. Swimming pools are a nice touch because it adds that natural element of water to the design. There is a sense of relaxation and peace when it comes to water and I am happy I can find access to pool in LA really easily. It really is incredible the concepts people come up with this detail. There are outdoor, indoor and elevated pools. They come in different shape and sizes. They also come in different kind of water usage. When I went to Barbados last year, the Villa aka the Hotel we were partying at all week had a salt water pool. It was a lot softer (which I didn't know you really can do that with water) and warmer (I mean that can be a result of being in the middle of the Caribbean). Anyway, pool designs can be modern, natural/tropical or elegant by the materials used to layout to pool with. Or what if your pool was the ocean?! Or if that is too much you can have a pool elevated right above the sea water. These are just a couple examples where pools are placed and how architects expand their design concepts beyond walls and doors. Architecture is incredible, it really is a type of art, and the best part about it is we as people can inhabit these art forms. Check out the cool pools I found this past week! (the only thing about this post is that it makes me sad I don't have a pool like any of these!)











  1. “ makes me sad I don't have a pool like any of these!” – Well, I don't blame you. These are really great pools, and I felt a bit jealous that they have one of these while I don't. Anyway, I don't have knowledge in Architecture, but I can tell the great difference of having a swimming pool at home. Thanks for sharing. =)

    *Cathy Newman*

  2. Just seeing a swimming pool is enough to make me smile, but it will make me even happier if I have one in our place too. These pools are both wonderful and unique that I can't choose my favorite. I want to swim in all of these pools!

  3. Aside from adding the element of water into your house's design, it also creates a good balance and vibe as well. That could be one of the reasons why having swimming pools can make a huge difference with regard to property aesthetics. Thanks for sharing!

    Peter Weiderman @ Guardian Industries