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Can't Knock the Hustle: Neyson Cruz

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We all have our own unique talents & aspirations. For some of us, Wall St. is calling our names, for others it's becoming a top notch lawyer or the latest designers in various mediums. And in today's world  there is large group of people who are highly qualified to do a strong job in their respected field, but the ones who are at the top bring something unique to the table. It can be in any field such as sports, music, fashion, medicine, business architecture etc, but the people who are at the top offer services and ideas that are new, take risks and push the envelope to the edge and over. Those type of people are not afraid to fail because to bring something new and unique is at a high risk because their concepts might be rejected or essentially it doesn't work. But to be persistent & redefine your craft when it isn't good enough is what makes people successful. 

And with these principles in mind let me introduce you to Neyson Cruz. It wasn't until recently that I realized we lived right down the street from each other when we were younger. So I took a visit to the old neighborhood, where he still lives, to talk about the creative stuff he is doing with fashion; specifically with hats, both fitted and snap backs, and other cool apparel (which are still in the works and will be released later, so stay tuned). We went to same middle school and high school but didn't really keep in touch, but we would always catch up here and there. But what really caught my eyes and always made me follow his progress were all the pictures he was posting up of his custom hats he makes. And at first I didn't think much of it because I didn't know how serious he was about it, but lately I have seen more and more of his work being push out consistently. So I would check up on his hustle and I would see the high demand for the hats, which most of the time resulted in Neyson replying back to people that he sold out and they have to wait for him to make more. A couple weeks ago I reached out to see what is going on with this project and it blew my mind away where he started, where he is at, and where he is going to be. He is a big collector of hats both fitted and snap backs, and one day he started taking them apart and customizing them. From the material of the bill, patches and adding studs to his hats, he does everything and anything. And if you don't see something you want, just tell him and he will do it. It is a plus that his brand is highly driven by the customer. Rather than having a locked brand, his brand pushes creativity and flexibility and revolves around the premise that every person is unique and their hats should reflect that. He showed me some samples and it really is incredible that he started this in his room with glue and scissors, and now his work is professionally put together with sewing machines and stitching. Now, there are other brands that do customized hats, but they are limited in materials and compared to his pricing, way over priced. I have seen sites where similar hats sell for over $130 online, but none of his work comes close to those prices. You can send him your own hat and he will alter it, which is cool because you can redo old and worn out hats. But like I mentioned before, people who put themselves at the top come up with something new and unique, and to find inspiration he didn't have to look that far. To be exact, he puts  his inspiration to sleep every night and gives his inspiration a kiss every morning. His baby boy has been the driving force for his new big movement for his brand Young Fame, which will make custom hats and other items (which I can't share with you guys, at least for now) for babies and small children, including matching sets for mom, dad or anybody else in the family. To see how passionate he is with this project and where has taken it is inspiring, because he is setting his own rules on becoming successful in his own right. For him is family comes first, and with them in mind he tells me failure is not an option, and to be honest he is going in the complete opposite direction of failing.

These are some of his adult collection and you can see there are endless amounts of materials and combinations available. Prices range depending on the style and materials, but what really is separating Neyson from the competition is his baby collection. No one makes customized baby hats and he is leading the way. With people fitting their babies and kids in Jordans, latest Nike's and other top brand shoes, Neyson came up with the idea that people would accessorize their kids in hats too. He mentioned to me that  the demand for a baby/kid collection has sky rocketed lately, and thus Young Fame was born.

This is his first sample for the baby hats and he is currently waiting for a large shipment within the next month, so I will post those once he gets them in! Below is his link to his Instagram, Facebook page and business website to Young Fame. His social media is still in the works and will be finalized and updated once his new shipment comes in. 

To see more of Neyson's adult collection below is the link to his personal Instagram account and along with his business email where you can get in contact with him for both adult and baby hat orders! There is also a cool interview I did with Neyson below! check it out!!

The past couple of weeks Neyson has been sending me pictures of sample materials he is using for his clothing line, and they are finally ready to be revealed. You guys were first introduced to Neyson back in October, and since then he has been on his grind to produce samples of his unique clothing line that complements his hat game. Below is his first official release with a few more on the way. Follow his instagram and his new website (listed below) to get directions on how to get your hands on one of these, including the opportunity to receive both a baby and adult first edition sweater package for free! Stay tuned for more samples and news on a photo shoot me and Neyson will be working on together! Also, if you haven't noticed, Neyson is wearing the sample below in the first image at top of this post.

NeysonCruz Interview

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