Monday, October 1, 2012

To everybody......THANK YOU!

No, I am not dead! I am back and alive more than ever. After a serious hiatus and some serious brainstorming, I am ready to get the movement back into full swing. Though I haven't posted in over a month my blog was still receiving good attention, but definitely took a hit (check stats below). Yes, the numbers are important, but it was more important and incredible to see a lot of my fans/followers keeping the movement alive. I am excited to announce that my interactive blog project is complete and ready to launch!! It has been a long time coming, but without all the support it wouldn't have been possible. I am happy to share that all my soldiers for my "Can't Knock the Hustle" series have taken their talents to new heights, and I will be sharing their latest moves! With new collaborations and projects I am excited to see what barriers and goals we reach heading into the spring season! I will be traveling and expanding the movement to a couple cities in the next couple months so stay tend for where I am headed

As you can see below my blog unbelievably has been seen in over 106 countries! Really?! Who does that? With this serious global audience I am always looking for ways to expand my blog and make it more accessible to my audience. With this in mind I have officially completed the Social Media Holy Trinity by creating an Instagram! Below is the link for my account. Click and make sure to follow! The account has been an awesome addition by offering a different angle on my life and the #CanILive? journey. It is a lot more personal than my blog, which allows me to get to know my followers better, and for everybody to see what I am up too!

My blog has been viewed in 118 countries: United States, Russia, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada, Germany, France, Costa Rica, Australia, Slovakia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Singapore, India, China, Mexico, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Oman, Argentina, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Ukraine, Barbados, Georgia, New Zealand, Lithuania, Estonia, Vietnam, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Norway, Philippines, Kuwait, South Africa, Cyprus, Trinidad & Tobago, Ireland, Italy, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia, Malaysia, South Korea, Greece, Macedonia (fyrom), Austria, Moldova, Netherlands, Japan, Jamaica, Thailand, Venezuela, Sweden, Finland, Nepal, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Belarus, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Romania, Bangladesh, Libya, Iran, Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Bahrain, Montenegro, Pakistan, Croatia, Algeria, Chile, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Latvia, Morocco, Bolivia, Dominica, Brunei, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Panama, Serbia, Taiwan, Kenya, Namibia, Bahrain, Albania, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Tunisia, Serbia, Angola, Palenstinian Territories, Syria, Nicaragua, Botswana, Mauritius, Bolivia, and Tanzania.

Top 10 countries overall (prev):     Top in February         Top in January                            
1) U.S.                         (1)                       1) United States         1) United States                                                          
2) United Kingdom    (2)                       2) Germany                 2) United Kingdom                                      
3) Germany                (4)                       3) France                     3) Germany                                                        
4) Canada                  (3)                      4) United Kingdom      4) Canada                                                                          
5) France                   (6)                       5) Australia                   5) Italy                                                                              
6) Russia                   (5)                       6) Canada                    6) France                                                                               
7) India                       (7)                       7) Spain                        7) Brazil                                                                          
8) Australia                (8)                       8) Italy                           8) India                                                 
9) Italy                        (9)                       9) Jordan                       9) Mexico                                                                                 
10) Belgium              (NR)                   10) Belgium                 10) Belgium                                                                      

(For my international audience, if your not in the top 10 share and push the movement in your countries! And if you are and are not happy where your country's ranking, also share it and push it!)

In July (1st month of my blog) it got viewed 922 times, August had 849 views, in September my blog was viewed 1,443 timesin October it was viewed 1,137 times, in November it was viewed 1,553 times, in December it was viewed 1234 times, in January it was viewed 1,287 times, and in February it was viewed 584 times.

If you haven't done so, check out and follow the tumblr as an additional source to receive all the updates for my blog. With a tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter account, my expansion has been incredible and soon enough it will be pouring out of the computer screen to the streets!

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