Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Corona & Tequila

Everybody loves a cold Corona and a tequila shot (ok, maybe not the tequila), but everybody loves these drinks even more when they are on vacation; especially if the vacation is in Mexico. This past weekend I went on my first cruise ever to Ensenada, Mexico. It was just a weekend getaway but that is all I needed. I didn't know what to expect but essentially a cruise is a hotel on water with Restaurants, spas, pool deck, casino, and lounges available for the guests. With family and friends, we set off to Mexico out of Long Beach for the weekend. Due to a lot of reasons, I haven't been back to the motherland since I was 10 (I think, its been that long). I was excited to visit again because I truly believe traveling is the best way to expand your knowledge, increase your imagination and appreciate our own personal lives, and what the world has to offer. My dad is from Sombrerete, Zacatecas which is a small colonial city in the central part of Mexico, so I wasn't necessarily going back to my exact roots, but Ensenada was still a great trip. We docked Saturday morning and decided to take a tour of "La Bufadora" or for you non spanish speaking people out there, "The Blowhole." It is a marine geyser that shoots water up to 80 feet above sea level from a deep water canyon below the surface. Trapped air causes pressure to build up and force the water into the air. There are only 4 other "blowholes" in the world. The others are located in Australia, Tahiti and Japan, but the one in Japan is an artificial one. It was about a 40 minute bus ride from the cruise ship and even though Mexico has a lot of problems with a corrupt government, it doesn't take away from the architecture and beautiful landscape. The bus ride was along the coast and it was awesome seeing the ocean, vegetable fields, ranches, cows and horses eating and running on the open fields and even seeing a fishing farm off the coast. And as much as the ride was incredible, it did linger in my mind how disappointing how much bad publicity the country receives, because there are still beautiful gems throughout the country. When we finally got to "La Bufadora" it was like being a little kid at a candy store (literally). The site consists of a small street with both sides lined up of street vendors selling mexican candy, clothes, drinks, jewelry, food and other gifts to take back home. Vendors would come up to people walking by and give them free samples of churros and piƱa colada drinks. It brought back some good memories when I use to visit all the time. And because the site is next to the ocean the seafood was the best I have had since probably the last time I went to Mexico. We ordered oysters, fish tacos and shrimp cocktails along with margaritas and coronas and tequila shots. After the day off the cruise we returned to finish our trip. The cruise itself was a lot fun. We went to a few shows, live karaoke lounge, piano lounge, pool deck and the casino and even though it was a short trip, it was a fun and much needed trip. It is always nice to getaway from our daily routines once in a while because it's a nice way to recharge the batteries. Along with spending time with my family and friends, it was cool meeting other people and celebrating the weekend. People always complain about not being able to go on vacation, but I see them spend money on clothes and drinks on a weekly basis. I rather save my money and travel a few times a year and I definitely recommend giving up a couple weekends here and there to travel. And if you never have been on a cruise do it ASAP! Like Vegas, it is a convenient set-up where your ship has everything you need in one "building." You don't have to worry about drinking and driving, food is included and you are on a BOAT! And, you get to travel to other parts of the world and thats what is unique about cruises, because depending what cruise trip you choose, you are essentially paying for multiple vacations in one! Trust me, a hangover is a lot more enjoyable when you are out on sea on a cruise than your own bed, or for some people out there, better than waking up after passing out on the bathroom floor!

If you have been on a cruise, shoot me some recommendations my way because I am already looking forward to seeing other parts of the world. Get a group of friends together and make it happen people!

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