Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Power of Pink

Earlier in the week I mentioned that October is Architecture month in New York City, but a more serious and more important topic is acknowledged in October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I will admit, I haven't really taken the time to reflect what this month is about. I guess not having someone close to me deal with the cancer has made me less conscious of what October means across the country. Especially with the elections coming up and our daily routines, people tend to forget to recognize important campaigns such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To be honest, this months important issue didn't hit me until today at my little brother's football practice. I was just sitting watching my brother practice when another team showed up getting ready to play a game. They started putting their jerseys on when the head coach pulled out a bag of socks from a box he brought. I didn't think much of it until the kids started putting them on and I saw what were on the socks. They had the traditional Nike  Elite design with the colored spine on the back of the sock but without a Nike logo, instead there are  pink ribbons. So I asked the coach where he got those socks and he told me one of his player's mom passed away last year, so they ordered team socks in honor of her. And to me that was pretty cool! I have no connection with anybody on that team but when I saw the socks it hit me hard. I still don't know how to describe my thoughts and emotions about it, but I think the common ground of football is the driving force behind the connection. You don't have to play sports to know the impact it has socially, culturally and economically around the world. Like other big countries, the U.S. uses sports to entertain and bring people together on multiple levels. Like when 9/11 happened, every team came out together holding and waving American flags reminding the public that there are more important things in life than sports, but sports can be used to help spread such messages to the public. And yes, it is a small flag football league at a park, but I think it was incredible that a coach ordered those socks not to get praise, but rather instill in his young players the value of family. And coming together to support one of their teammates and to acknowledge the importance of enjoying every moment in life. Below is the link to order the exact same socks along with other cool sports apparel displaying the pink ribbon!

these are the socks the team wore

On a bigger scale it is pretty cool that the NFL and college football teams have a strong presence of pink in their uniform attires. From pink socks, wristbands, mouth pieces, tape and shoes, every team wears pink to remind themselves and the public that we are fighting this battle together. I think it is important to remind ourselves, even if we don't have a friend or family member with the cancer (which I thank God my family hasn't lost anyone to the cancer, and I hope it stays that way), someone else might. So take time pray for those who do have a love one battling the cancer, or praying and being thankful that your family or friends don't have to battle a difficult situation.

Below are a couple links for Breast Cancer Awareness Month where you can donate money and read up on events going across the country. Including the link to the Facebook page for NBCAM.

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