Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Arch+Details: Landscape

When most people think about the word "architecture" they usually just think of the structure itself. In reality architecture is not limited by walls, but it actually also extends beyond the front door. The term "architecture" has really evolved from structure to the total layout of a city. Lets be honest, it doesn't matter if a house is beautiful, if the landscape design of the front yard and backyard is ugly than you would be hesitant to buy it. The landscape might not have anything to do with the actual structure on the property, but it is a crucial component that brings the property appearance and value up. On a larger scale, architecture and landscape together has really increased the concept of urbanization. In regards to sports architecture, it really has pushed the idea of urbanization to a whole different level. Think about it, every 4 years there is a World Cup, Summer and Winter Olympics and these events don't fall on the same cycle, so there is never a shortage of constructing large arenas and stadiums (unless they stop these events all together). My point being is that these projects are so massive that they redefine cities. They give birth or increase the sense of urbanization in the area. With such projects you also have to consider how you will feed and house the public and participants. Because of this, construction of hotels, restaurants, bars, and markets, including improving airports and public transportation, changes the whole dynamic of the city and in some cases a whole country. And the glue that binds the variety of structures is the landscape. A lot of Architecture Graduate Schools have landscape as a subject you can get a degree in because it is a vital component to the industry. It really is the icing on the cake in the design process. Check out the cool examples I have found over the past couple weeks. Some images are of homes and some are of public area such as The Highline in New York. It is an abandoned elevated railroad track on the Lower Westside that has been converted into a beautiful park. This is a perfect landscape example of making an area more appealing and increasing the value of the apartment buildings next to it. In other ways, the landscape dictates how Architects design, because whether we like it or not Mother Nature and Earth don't compromise so we have to adjust and adapt to the landscape. Check out some of the breath taking structures built on cliffs!! Enjoy!!












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