Friday, November 9, 2012

Can't Knock the Hustle: Anna Canfield

A few days ago I posted on my twitter account a quote by German philosopher Friedrich Neitzsche that states "Every man is a creative cause of what happens, a premium mobile with an original movement." But even though they are not mentioned, women also possess their own original movement and push the envelope of creativity in their own right. Creativity and originality does not favor one sex to the other and thats the beauty of it and with this mind, let me introduce you to another young a creative mind with a unique movement: Anna Canfield.

It is interesting how I actually "met" Anna, and the reason I put that word in quotations is because we haven't actually met in person. If you have been viewing my blog, more specifically the "Can't Knock the Hustle" series than you are familiar with my first spotlight feature on Issa Mase. When I released the blogpost on Issa it was getting a lot of love such as people leaving comments, "liking" and sharing the interview. And as Issa continued to share my blog along with his AllofourTwist movement I noticed that Anna was an individual who always was spreading our movements, so I connected with her and that is how we "met". For me it was surreal that I had no idea who she was other than she was a good friend of Issa, yet she was consistently supporting my blog. It was humbling that Anna took an extra effort to share with everybody what I was doing, and I truly credit her for a lot of the success I've had so far. Soon enough I began to notice that she had her own talent in creating dope personalized cards. At first I thought they were computerized, but saw that they are actually hand made with ink and watercolors. I didn't even realize it to later, but the photo cover for Issa's blogpost was one of her designs. I thought it was a computerized image Issa created until Anna thanked me for using it on my blog. There are a lot of talented and creative people in this world, but there a few people that bring something unique with a twist into this world. I don't know anybody who does personalized cards such as Anna, especially in how detailed and original they are. Last week I messaged Anna that I wanted to share her movement and as we went back and forth through emails the more and more I was pleasantly surprised on how far she has taken this. She is all over social media sites, including a couple websites where you can purchase and request personalized work. And despite not meeting in person we are always sharing ideas and pushing each other. I truly believe creativity is contagious and I always love meeting people that are pushing the envelope whether on a small scale or larger scale. Without even asking Anna has already mentioned she is creating a concept for "Can I Live?" and I can't wait to share it once she has it done. Little gestures like that makes me praise Anna as a person and a friend. What I like about this series is that we really have become a family. We share ideas and support each other in what we do. I started this series to show my appreciation for the young and creative who travel the unpopular and discouraged road. It would be discouraging if we didn't share to everybody what we are capable of, and I hope it inspires others who find it difficult to fully commit to their passions.

Anna's movement is "Ubiq Designs" and the images above are some samples of her incredible work. Why would you purchase a boring card that someone else has, when you can get them a unique card by Ubiq Designs. Anna has mentioned that everybody is unique, so why shouldn't their birthday, anniversary, get well etc cards be?! Below are the links to Ubiq Designs' Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Etsy which is where you can purchase her work. If you don't see any of your favorites on Etsy just ask her and I am sure she would love to share and make you one! Everybody needs to go and follow all her sites to receive all the updates of her work!

Anna Canfield interview

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  1. I would just like to point out that the "creative force" that Nietzsche refers to in that quote isn't actually the same creative force you are talking about throughout the rest of the article. He is not talking about the creative force of design and art. It's not that important to your overall article but I thought I should point that out just to make sure you understand the quote. But still a great post.