Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Can't We all just get along?"

Exactly 4 years ago I was a freshman at Columbia University sitting in my floor's lounge watching the election, and wow, it was one of the must surreal experiences ever. As I saw CNN project Obama the next President on the television campus exploded! Students were running through the halls, storming to the middle of campus, screaming out windows and cheering in the streets. Columbia was the first place where I really saw my peers educate themselves and exercise their rights as an American citizen. In high school it was quite the opposite, but I guess that comes with the Ivy League tittle. I mean, Obama did go to Columbia and Harvard, so I realized it is the nature and culture of those locations. I have never been interested in politics, and it is an area that I usually don't pay attention too. A lot of people give me a weird look and get upset that I haven't voted in a Presidential Election. Love me, hate me but it was my decision not too. I have my reasons, but one thing is that I have not done enough research on Obama's or Romney's policies to choose one. Honestly, I would've voted for Obama, but call me ignorant, un-American etc etc. Call me whatever, I really don't give a damn. This post isn't about pleasing everybody, it's about where do we go from here. As beautiful as this country is, there are a lot of bizarre things that just befuddles me. One of those things is how divided this country is, and call me ignorant, but both sides are guilty in allowing this issue really set us off track. At the end of the day, we all live in this country and part of a team. One thing about politics is that many campaigns resort to bashing each others platforms to convince people that they are the better side rather than coming up with a new solution. From what I hear and watch on tv, both sides have been unclear in providing answers to questions about important topics, which leads to the bashing of democrats on republicans and vice versa. But again, as I sit here and watch that Obama has been re-elected President the only thing that really crosses my mind is that I truly believe that I have a say in where my life takes me. Yes, politics dictate what we can or cannot do, but the government can't tell me how I think or believe in. When people say "I am going to leave the country if Obama wins" or "if Romney wins" is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard, because we all know that you are going to stay in this country. And if you actually do move because Obama won, than I would actually have respect for you because at least you carried out your claim. Yes, the economy sucks, I have an Ivy League education and I still do not have a job I can be satisfied with, but no one said it will be easy. A better economy will offer more jobs, but it doesn't mean you will be handed one. You still have to be qualified and prepared for that job you have always wanted, and that is where each of us come in. Sitting around wishing and hoping does not move this country forward. Put your ego aside and find a way to make money or better yourself so when that door does open in front of you, you are able to walk in and grab the opportunity. This country has blessed me and my family with so many opportunities. I am first generation hispanic in this country and I can write a book of the things this country has offered me that no other place probably could have. One of the most significant things that stuck in my head from the '08 election was John McCain's speech after he lost. I personally enjoyed his speech more than Obama's because his speech did not dwell on his defeat, but rather encourage his Republican party to join forces with Obama to fix the country. I can still remember him say "Obama is MY President" and that hit me, because it is true. Even though he was campaigning to beat him, he understood that there is nothing he can do other than do his part to help Obama and this country in a different position. There is nothing we can do it about it. The votes are in, so stop crying and lets work together. Follow your dreams and aspirations and go after what you believe is yours. If you keep blaming the government and President for every little thing that doesn't go in your favor or you "think" holds you back, than you aren't going anywhere. Be creative, think outside the box and push yourself because by making yourself a better individual you will make the whole better. Like I said, I am the last person you should ask about a political opinion or just have a political conversation with. I am entitled to my reasons and beliefs like everybody else, but I can honestly say I do not exploit this country and I work hard for what I have achieved. And that being said, I am still a work in progress. I am not satisfied as who I am as a person, but I am taking the necessary steps to reach that goal. Reading all these ignorant Facebook and Twitter statuses really irritate me, and I understand that half the country is upset and just trying to be funny, but I hope we can be part of the same team because the next 4 years are crucial to our well being and this country's history.

Somehow, someway we are going to have to meet in the middle to make it work! On a side note, it is your move Mr. President. I truly believed you deserved a second term to really dictate whether or not you were the right decision. Like John McCain said 4 years ago, you are "MY President" and whether you like it or not, tomorrow is a new day so lets make this work!

Again, congratulations President Barrack Obama!! It is time to move #FORWARD


  1. I can relate to how you aren't really into politics. I am the same way. But you do make an effort. It's crucial to know what is happening, how it's going to affect the country, and making sure I can do what I can to make sure I am a part of that change. Sometime it has to be through working with other perspectives and ideologies. But if we let that get in the way of the bigger picture then we won't move forward.
    I am confused though, why don't you vote?
    What does voting mean to you?

  2. Thank you for the comment! You are correct, even though I am not really into politics you should, and I did catch some of the debates, followed both sides platforms to a certain extent throughout the campaign process and watched the news once in a while to educate myself. But for some reason I never had to urge to really pay attention and be interested. It is amusing to me that my twin brother is the complete opposite when it comes to politics. He majored in it and even has a blog based on politics.
    To answer your question, this is only the second time I have been eligible to vote. The first time I just had recently moved to New York and I forgot to request that my absentee ballot be mailed to me on the East Coast. So even if I really wanted to I wasn't able too. Call it ignorance, or something else, I am not sure, but I am from California. The last time it voted Republican was in 1988, and from doing some reading and keeping up on the news I knew my vote wouldn't really matter. With the electoral system in place I knew Obama had enough of the popular vote to get California. To be honest, out of the 50 states, only 10 really make a difference every election, so what does that say about voting in the US?
    To me, voting is one of the great opportunities this country gives to its citizens. It allows us to exercise our voice and our opinion, but to a certain extent. And this goes back to the electoral college system. When Gore won the popular vote but lost the election that just really threw a wrench into "why do we vote than?" It upsets people when they find out I haven't voted, and there is a lot more to it. Wish we can sit down and discuss more about it, but I've started to ramble on, so let me sum it really quick lol I haven't voted because I haven't educated myself on the various policy proposals and the platforms of both sides well enough to construct an educated opinion. Voting shouldn't be taken lightly and I am not going to cast my ballot because people on Facebook tell me too. So this is where I need to grow and mature because as I get older and start my own family I know I will have to vote, because there is more than just the Presidency on the ballot. There are propositions and policies also on the ticket that are just as important, not just for me but for everyone else in the state/nation.