Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cap & Gown

8 years ago me and my twin brother had the opportunity to attend top schools on opposite sides of the country. This was us at our our high school graduation. (Birmingham H.S.) #classof2008

4 years after our H.S. graduation I received my B.A. from Columbia University majoring in Architecture. My twin brother Daniel graduated from Stanford University with a double major in Philosophy and Political Science. (Our cousin Eduardo "Lalo" is the short guy in the middle lol)


  1. I'm interested! The only problem is that I looked at your complete profile - and then at your college writing...your spelling has improved! Just had to comment being a former English teacher!

  2. Thanks for the feed back, I have just been busy with so many ideas in my head and designing my blog so my spelling/grammar has taken a back seat in my blog process :/ I am glad you enjoy it though.