Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Valleys and Peaks"

I appreciate the love and support from everyone so far. I have never done a blog before so bare with me while I work out all the kinks. But one question I have been receiving is why title my blog "Can I Live?" I based the premise of my blog around Jay-Z's classic track "Can I Live?" I can relate to this song on multiple levels, so for me this song goes deeper than just being a Jay-Z classic. For me it reflects my current state of mind and is reminiscent of my past, present and future. This track is off Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt album which is my favorite of all time. It also happens to be that Jay-Z is my favorite artist as well. This song talks about the hustle Jay had to go through to be successful. His lyrics paints vivid images of his time selling drugs on the streets and the daily battles/tests he went through, which ultimately helped made him one of the most successful people in America. But he also elaborates on being cautious of your surroundings and not allowing your evils around you disrupt your progress and strip you of your success. It is a great message for me as enter the next phase in my life. There is still many more things I want achieve and this song is a daily reminder what I have to do to obtain my new goals. 

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