Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cartoons: Can we go back to the 90's!?

So it is Saturday morning and the first thing that pops into my head is cartoons. People say I am too old for cartoons but they do not understand that I grew up in the decade that perfected the cartoon. I feel bad for today's young generation for one reason and one reason only; they live in the Era which I like to call "The Death of Cartoons". I have a 12 year old brother, his name is Alejandro, and it is sad for him that the quality of cartoon shows today do not even come remotely close to the quality I had growing up. Saturday mornings were the highlight of my week growing up. I had nothing to do other than sit in front of the TV while watching my favorite cartoons and my lovely mother making me breakfast. Yup, those were the good ol' days and now when I go home and see the junk my brother watches it really disappoints me. Now you have shows like "Total Drama Revenge of the Island" or "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome"...Like what!? What are these shows about?? What happened to the simple plot and titles of cartoons that made the 90's cool!? For example, my favorite show "Doug" had a simple plot and title. Doug was trying to win Patty Mayonnaise's heart over while avoiding/competing with the daily hassles of High School such as his arch enemy Roger M. Klotz. On a side note I don't think my mom liked me watching Doug because I wanted to get a dog like Porkchop, but my mom didn't want any pets. Anyways, I figured for Christmas I will buy the DVD collections of my favorite cartoon shows growing up and give them to my brother so he can see what makes a great cartoon.
What were your FAVORITE cartoons growing up? Post the link for your show if you want. 



    I loved watching Sailor Moon and how they all transformed. I wanted to be like them when I was a kid and fight for justice! haha.
    It's sad how all the children networks are pushing more sitcoms instead of cartoons. They are educational, entertaining and stimulate the creative mind. The music was always awesome too. Who doesn't love the guitar solo in the Power Rangers theme song?!

  2. haha yeah I remember Sailor Moon! It was a huge and popular cartoon back in the day. Ill admit, I even saw episodes of Sailor Moon growing up lol
    Yeah I know what you mean, it really is a shame what is being put on TV these days! That was one of my favorite shows ever. Nothing is better than the original Power Ranger's!