Saturday, July 28, 2012

Design 2 Final Project

When people find out I received my degree in Architecture, a lot of people ask to see my work. As a requirement, I had to make a portfolio which is a compilation of my best work. Essentially it is a picture book of what I did at Columbia, and this book weighs heavily in an architects hiring process. The photos below are of my final project in my Design 2 Studio class. Through various diagrams and studies I made of the China Town area, I had to come up with a design for a Civic Center that accommodated multiple aspects of the neighborhood. Such aspects were bus and bike hubs for daily commuters, a Public Library, and an auditorium. Along with these 3 main programs, I also had to include cafes, office space, a gift shop, locker rooms etc. One unique aspect of my design was actually inspired by Columbia's overpass from Main Campus to East Campus. For those not aware of this pass, it connects two parts of campus with a grass area along with a couple sculptures. It is essentially an elevated garden inhabited by visitors and students whom utilize it for lunch breaks, to do homework or to intake the amazing views of Harlem and the Upper West Side. China Town has been engulfed in trash and distinct smells over the years, so I wanted to create somewhat of an elevated oasis which visitors can use to drink coffee, read a book or just take in the views of the historic area; without dealing with the chaotic sidewalks of the neighborhood.
The Civic center is composed of 3 levels. First level houses the bike and bus hubs, auditorium, office space, locker rooms and gift shop. The Second level houses the outdoor garden, library, reading rooms, a gallery space and a cafe. And the Third level contains an extension of the outdoor garden, meeting rooms and an archive space. There are elevators and a series of interior and exterior staircases that connect all 3 floors.

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