Friday, July 13, 2012

Infomercials: Legit or Scams

When I hear the word insomnia I think of infomercials. Why? Because a large percentage of people resort to TV as a way to put them to sleep. Well, I am guilty of this and unfortunately at 2 am  the only thing on TV are infomercials. I always found humor in them because my first thought is only  stupid people get suckered in actually believing the products being displayed work. Well, call my stupid because this past January I bought my first product off an infomercial. I use to play football in college, but after I was done playing I didn't want to become fat and lazy. I needed something that would keep me motivated, so one late night Shaun T's product Insanity popped onto the screen. I was very skeptical about buying exercise videos because there are so many, and according to people who were suckered in buying one, told me they didn't work. But I had a gut feeling Shaun T's product was legit. It's a 9-week intense cardio program and along with the DVDs it gives you a calendar and recipe book that lists easy healthy meals to prepare. Because of Spring Break and Finals I only completed 6 weeks of the program but I definitely saw results. I lost 2 inches off my waist and a total of 25 pounds. My body looked a lot tighter and I just felt healthier overall. The $120 was worth it and currently I am starting the program again; this time with no interruptions. The videos are great because Shaun T pushes and encourages you throughout the workout which is always a nice boost when you are dying and short of breath. The premise of the program is time-interval training which allows you to progress on your own pace, rather than having x-amount of sets with x-amount of reps.
Have you ever purchased a product off an infomercial? if Yes, what was it? and was it legit or a scam?


  1. Dude I have a friend who also did Insanity and she LOVES that shit. I'm thinking about trying it. I tried P90x last year...totally saw results but 90 days of extreme workouts was just not for me hah. I'd rather stick to running a couple of miles and doing the regular sit-up/push-up combo. And I think the only product I've purchased off an infomercial is the Magic Bullet! Which isn't technically "magic" but it definitely chops shit up quickly. Buy that next! Haha

  2. Yeah i was deciding between Insanity and P90X and you are right, its way too long. Plus you don't need equipment like dumbells or a pull up bar ofr Insanity which is nice because you can take it anywhere with you. I brought it with me to Puerto Rico during Spring Break lol Try Insnaity, I think you ould like it. its all body weight stuff and gets you in shape quick!! haha yeah, I always wanted to get that! maybe it will be my next purchase.